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With our referral program, you can earn 20% of every paying user's revenue you acquire.


We've just increased the storage on our plans, now you can get 1TB on our Pro plan and 3TB on our Business plan!

Sell files and digital products

Upload files, share, earn

At Uploadfiles we don’t just give you the chance to upload files to sell to customers online. There is also another simple way to make some cash. By referring new customers to our file sharing system using a unique referral code, or by uploading your own files, you can also earn some easy money.

For every user that subscribes to a premium plan via your referral code or file upload, you will earn 20% of their plan value. And that’s not just for the first month. That will last for the lifetime of that user – meaning you continue to earn 20% as long as they remain a premium account holder.

Not only that, but with every successful referral you also earn more storage. For each person that signs up to a paid plan you are given an extra 1GB of storage. It’s a great way to keep expanding your own file upload storage space for free, just by giving out a simple code.

And if publishers are looking for banner ads, the team at Uploadfiles can do that too.

Refer & Earn

Track your referrals in real time

Of course, if you are giving out your referral code, it can be hard to keep a track on who has signed up and how much you are entitled to earn. But we’ve taken care of that part as it’s all built into your user account dashboard.

Using the dashboard enables you to monitor your referral revenue to see how many people have successfully converted to a paid plan. It will also tell you how much extra storage you have, so you can always track your referrals in real time.

Uploadfiles supports Paypal

NET 30 affiliate payment terms

You’ll want to know how often you’ll get paid and that we use a secure system. Our process is simple; referral earnings are paid out after 30 days (with a minimum pay out of $100) using the PayPal platform.

Uploadfiles offers selling digital goods

Earning made easy

  • Simply share your referral code or upload files
  • Automatically earn money, every month
  • Earn more storage space for each referral too
  • Track your referrals in real time via your dashboard
  • Receive your referral earnings via PayPal

Request to become an affiliate

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Why use Uploadfiles?

Uploadfiles is a free-to-use file hosting system that puts you in control.
You never have to sign up to an account to access the service, but for those who do, you get to enjoy a wealth of fantastic features.

Signing up to Uploadfiles also means you get access to our affiliates program. All you have to do is register by using your email and a password, confirm your email address via the link we send, and your account is open.

We never share your email details with third parties, so your information remains safe and private on our servers. Then all you have to do is share your unique referral code and start earning cash from premium account sign ups!

Here’s a reminder of why our file upload service continues to lead the way:

Easy to Use

We make it easy to upload files with our drag and drop system. And within seconds you’ll have a unique URL you can share to your heart’s content

Uncapped Speed

Too many sites reduce your speed when you want to upload files. Our file hosting system works as fast as your connection without any limitations

Unrestricted Bandwidth

And that applies to bandwidth too. Once your file upload is complete, it can be downloaded as many times as you wish, without any limitation

No Sign Up Needed

Enjoy fast file uploads without having to sign up for an account. We leave it entirely up to you if you want to go one step further and enjoy the extra benefits


Are you a regular file uploader? Sign up to a free account and you have the option to upload up to 30 files at the same time

Totally secure

When using Uploadfiles we want you to feel your data is always protected. Sign up to a free account and you can add password protection to all your files

File hosting on the go

Use our file share system wherever you are in the world. It works on smartphones and tablets just as well as laptops and desktops, giving you plenty of options

Full encryption

When you upload files onto our platform it receives full encryption from start to finish, ensuring it can’t be intercepted and read by anyone else

Free website widget

We make it easy for users of your site to upload files with our free website widget which is simple to install – plus we do all the file hosting for you

Sell your files

If you want to sell music, software, eBooks or anything else, use our file share system to host your products and sell them to your customers