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The simplest file sharing platform on the planet

Built from passion and ingenuity

File sharing isn't new. It isn't exciting or built on block chain technology, and it usually only makes the news for negative reasons (piracy being the main culprit). But being able to easily share files is at the very core of why the internet exists.

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What drives us

As technology has evolved, the internet has become part of our every day lives. But some things never change. We will always need to be able to store our data securely off-device so it can be retrieved in the event of hardware loss. And we will always need to be able to easily share data.

But most solutions today have nothing but profit in mind. Pop up ads, push notifications, malware, bitcoin miners and 'quizzes' that threaten the very foundations of the internet.

Uploadfiles is different. You won't find intrusive ads here. We won't sell your data.
We will not compromise.

Uploadfiles Global Alexa Ranking

Since our launch in 2016, Uploadfiles has grown to almost 20million monthly users, and is ranked in the top 50 websites in the world for our category.